SEP Singers Stand Out in 2nd 'The Voice' Singing Contest of SPIC

On July 13, 2017, the final round of the second "The Voice" singing contest of SPIC was held in Beijing, in which five singers from SEP with the other players of SPIC on the same stage, providing a splendid music feast for the audience at the scene and those watching live webcast. The performance was highly praised by SPIC Chairman and Party Secretary Wang Binghua and SPIC President and Deputy Party Secretary Meng Zhenping. SEP Chairman and Party Secretary Wang Yundan went to the contest site in person and rooted for the players.



Chen Wei and Chen Cong, father and son players from Caojing Power Plant, sang a song titled "Wait", which told a moving story of the father working in Iraq for over four years; Yang Jun from SEP Fuel and Cai Rangkuan from Huanghe Hydropower Development presented a song titled "Plateau", which recalled the years of burning passions among SPICers; "The Road to Mediocre Life" sung by Shen Chenglin from Wujing Power Plant and Wang Lingcheng from Guizhou Jinyuan illustrated changes of the times; "You Raise Me Up" performed by Mariel Mendoza from SPIC Overseas Investment Company, Katsuta Masafumi from SEP Japan and Bian Siqi from Shanghai Power Equipment Research Institute showcased the guidance and inspiration of "Harmony Culture" for SPIC staff; Xu Tianqi from Luojing Power Plant, also the second prize winner of the first "The Voice" gave a song named "Walk with You" as guest singer. Through fierce competition and on-site rating, Chen Wei was honored the first prize, Shen Chenglin won the second prize, while Yang Jun and Katsuta Masafumi were awarded the third prizes.



The staff of SEP watched the contest via live webcast, and actively joined in the event by way of giving likes and comments online. SEP's participation in this singing contest further disseminated "Harmony Culture", and demonstrated high morale and vigorous spirit of SEPers.


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