Wang Huaiming Conducts Safety Inspection on Luojing Power Plant

On July 6, SEP President Wang Huaiming and his delegation went to Luojing Power Plant to conduct safety inspection.



Wang Huaiming arrived at thermal power shift team of SEP Engineering Luojing Project Department and HSE Department of the power plant respectively, and carried out a comprehensive review on the safety duty performance of leaders, safety activities, shift team leader's log and implementation of HSE management improvement items. He also went to the central control room of the power plant, and conveyed greetings to the operation staff sticking to their positions under high temperature.



Wang raised a few requirements for the safety duty execution of the power plant leaders as follows: first, the leaders should focus on safety work and in turn safety work should focus on the leaders, and all levels of leading cadres should stick to their posts and perform their safety duties properly; second, pay special attention to fundamental safety production work, take the opportunity of HSE benchmarking shift team selection to strengthen the work of "two tickets and three rules", troubleshooting of hidden dangers, anti-violation of regulations and civilized production, and enhance the fundamental safety production work of the power plant in an all-round manner; third, reinforce outsourcing team management, and realize dynamic management; fourth, complete the implementation of HSE management improvement, intensify the publicity and training of HSE management improvement items at the power plant and enable HSE improvement tools to come into play; fifth, the power plant should establish a high objective despite its relatively small capacity, and play an active role in talent cultivation and standardized construction and make due contributions. Wang praised the power plant for its support to Hami Gas-fired Power Generation Project as well as its business strategy and power generation strategy. He hoped the power plant to further increase income and reduce expenditure, hold firm belief and strive to exceed the operation target.



The leaders of SEP Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department, Production Department and related subsidiaries participated in the inspection.

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