SEP Holds 2nd Staff Singing Contest Successfully

A vigorous dance "Youth of SEP" raised the curtain of "Sing with Me", the second staff singing contest final of SEP. After two months of careful preparation, 17 teams of players from overseas companies, subsidiaries in and out of Shanghai, who passed the preliminary contest held at Waigaoqiao Power Plant in April, participated in the final round. SEP Chairman and Party Secretary Wang Yundan, SPIC Corporate Culture Department Deputy Director Guo Gengliang, SEP Discipline Inspection Committee Secretary and Labor Union Chairman Gu Ai, Director of Education and Sports Department of Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions Chen Bihua, and SPIC Corporate Culture Department Senior Manager Tong Yumei were present at the contest.



The contest was full of highlights, with beautiful singing accompanied by cello, violin, piano, dances and even golden cudgel waved by lovely kids, which drew warm applause from the audience. There were touching stories behind these wonderful performances: an elderly worker suffering from a fracture insisted on taking part in the contest on his wheelchair; a young couple busy with their wedding preparation presented singing and instrumental playing at the same time; there were a family of three came to the contest from outside of Shanghai, and a foreign employee from SEP Malta and a Chinese employee from SEP Japan came here from abroad. Following the evaluation of a panel of professional judges and 40 public judges, the final result came out, with six gold award winners, six silver award winners and five bronze award winners.



With the song named "The Same Song" led by Chairman Wang Yundan, the final contest of "Sing with Me" dropped its curtain. Under the theme of "harmony", all the singing performances and participating families embodied the harmony of people, families and companies within SEP, and reflected "Three Thousands" hardworking spirit of SEP as well as SPIC's core value of harmonious coexistence. The contest deepened the understanding of employees from overseas projects toward Chinese culture, enhanced the knowledge of staff's family members on the enterprise, and also fostered the staff's awareness on the corporate culture.


A total of more than 200 staff representatives from various subsidiaries watched the contest.

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