Wang Yundan Visits Shanghai Craftswoman Yan Lin

On January 26, the Preliminary Eve of Lunar New Year, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan visited the home of Yan Lin, who was honored as "Shanghai Craftswoman" in the first annual selection of Shanghai Craftsman, and extended festival greetings to her.



During his visit, Wang had an amiable talk with Yan Lin and her family, asked about Yan Lin’s life, work and study situation in detail. Wang congratulated Yan Lin on her awards of Shanghai May 1st Labor Medal and the first batch of Shanghai Craftsman, which brought SEP honor and glory. He also hoped that Yan Lin could fully demonstrate the craftsman spirit to lead and encourage more outstanding young staff to work hard and be enterprising, play a leading role for more prospective craftsmen and advanced individuals in SEP, and assist in SEP’s development and SPIC’s "corner overtaking".


Yan Lin thanked for the care and cultivation of SEP leaders at all levels, and also expressed thanks to Chairman Wang for taking time out to send greetings home. She showed her resolution to study hard and overcome difficulties to live up to the expectations of Wang and the other SEP leaders, demonstrate the spirit, energy and essence of SEP staff actively, and strive to achieve SEP's “1234” development strategy as soon as possible.


SEP General Office, responsible person of Party-masses Department and SEP Operation General Manager accompanied Wang on the visit.

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