Wang Huaiming Inspects Waigaoqiao Power Plant for Safety Supervision, Holds Safety Production Meeting

On November 15, SEP President Wang Huaiming, Deputy President Xing Lianzhong and their delegation went to Waigaoqiao Power Plant to conduct a special safety inspection, and attended a safety production symposium held at the power plant.


Wang Huaiming inspected the maintenance site of Unit 3 and ultra-low emission rehabilitation site, especially focusing on the boiler of Unit 3 and the coal conveyor belt layer. While visiting the de-SOx shift team of SEP Operation, he checked the safety accounts and the on-site duty fulfillment of the leading group, carefully inquiring the implementation of the notification of several human injury accidents within SPIC recently as well as the seven requirements in the current safety production work.

Wang Huaiming clarified that the task of this meeting was to draw lessons from the accident which happened at Waigaoqiao Power Plant on October 9 together with the other accidents which happened within SPIC in the recent period, reflect on the problems existing in safety production, work out corresponding measures, reinforce management and ensure that safety production is under control. He also analyzed the severe situation of current safety production, dissected the reason for those problems found in the safety inspection, and put forward six requirements for the current safety production as follows: first, leaders at all levels must implement "Safety First", put safety production management as the first priority at work, properly deal with the relationship of safety production and operation performance, as well as the relations between schedule and efficiency, and ensure safety; second, carry out the seven working requirements soundly, achieve hundred-percent and strictest enforcement, and pass down the safety pressure to every department, workshop and shift team; third, intensify anti-violation actions, in order to urge all the employees to develop a habit of strictly following and conducting procedures; fourth, reinforce elimination of hidden dangers, and resolutely solve the related issue without delay; fifth, strengthen outsourcing team management, accelerate clearing up unqualified outsourcing teams and personnel, improve outsourcing team management, and promulgate "Supplementary Safety Regulation on Outsourcing Engineering Management" as soon as possible on behalf of the company to completely eradicate the phenomenon of "outsourcing instead of management"; sixth, speed up the promotion of HSE management improvement measures, expedite the publication and implementation of the 22 improvement items, and the key is to implement them into procedures, files, SOPs and all the teams.


Xing Lianzhong analyzed the cause of the accident at Waigaoqiao Power Plant on October 9, and raised five requirements on the company's safety production situation as follows: firstly, strictly implement the seven working requirements of "Emergency notice on strengthening recent safety production work" issued by SPIC; secondly, complete the fulfillment of safety responsibility of all levels of personnel; thirdly, solve the most prominent problems and establish long-term mechanism; fourthly, rapidly push forward HSE management system improvement; fifthly, establish ample reward and severe penalty mechanism on safety production.


The persons in direct charge of safety production and leaders overseeing safety production work from SEP and its 21 affiliated companies were present at the safety production symposium. On the meeting, SEP Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department reviewed and summarized HSE management system improvement work, Production Department reported the situation of the autumn safety inspection by SPIC, and various companies put forward correction measures and plans on the prominent problems existing in safety production work at their respective companies, and also made suggestions on safety production management of SEP.


The leaders of related SEP departments and affiliated companies participated in the meeting.


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