SPIC General Counsel Wu Jianghong Inspects SEP for Legal Research

On April 21, 2016, SPIC General Counsel and Director of Legal Affairs Department Wu Jianghong and his delegation inspected SEP to conduct a special research on legal work. SEP Chairman Wang Yundan and Deputy President Sun Weidong attended the research symposium.

Wu listened to the situation of the company’s legal work development as well as the ideas and measures of implementing SPIC’s legal work conference spirit, and fully affirmed its remarkable achievements on legal work in recent years. Under the attention and caring of company leaders, SEP has been unceasingly exploring good practice conforming to its own situation in the rule of law. Wu hoped the company to keep up the good work and further summarize and refine classic experience and cases concerning legal affairs management of overseas projects, in order to make greater contributions to the construction of SPIC’s case base and SASAC’s typical experience base.

Wang Yundan and Sun Weidong expressed their ideas and suggestions on advancing the rule of law in centrally administered SOEs respectively, with in-depth communication and discussion with the SPIC research group on the problems and difficulties existing in the company’s legal work practice.


SEP General Counsel and Director of Policy and Law Department Wu Ming together with all the staff of Policy and Law Department participated in the research.

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