MEP Minister Chen Jining Visits Caojing Power Plant

  On April 24, 2015, China’s Minister of Environmental Protection, Chen Jining, Director of Pollution Prevention and Control Department, Zhao Yingmin, Deputy Director Jiang Zhuoqing and Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau Chief Zhang Quan visited Shangdian Caojing Power Plant, accompanied by SEP Chairman Wang Yundan and Director of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Administrative Committee Zhou Minhao.

  When they arrived at the power plant, Chen Jining directly headed to the central control room. Chairman Wang made a brief introduction to the units and the electronic screen reading of 987 MW and 979 MW at that time. When Minister Chen asked about the emission targets, Wang confidently demonstrated the emission value at the moment and the emission curves of over ten hours starting from 0:00 that day on the computer, which showed that the emission indicators of Unit 2 were much better than that of Unit 1, and below that of gas turbines. Chen was satisfied with the results.

  After that, Minister Chen inspected the clean emission facility site of Unit 2 and took photos at the near-zero emission stack.

  Deputy Director of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Administrative Committee, Xu Jianmin, General Manager of Caojing Power Plant Pan Longxing, and Party Secretary Zhou Rurong also participated in the visit.

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